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5 benefits of ECODRY 25/35 plus vacuum pumps for scientific applications

The multi-voltage, high-speed, contact-free pumps with peak pumping speeds of 25 and 35 m3/h have been specially designed for use in applications requiring […]

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NOVADRY: The Vacuum Pump Made to Optimise Food & Packaging Processes

Vacuum as a key technology.  The demands placed by manufacturers and consumers on the quality, shelf life and resource efficiency of food and packaging processes are constantly increasing. This applies even more to such perishable products as for example meat or fish. Vacuum is considered as an enabling technology, contributing significantly to optimizing these processes. […]

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How Vacuum Environments Enable Chemical Reactions

Whether your goal is to remove moisture, oxygen, or air, vacuum techniques play a key role in the manufacture and processing of a huge range of chemicals. Providing a clean and inert environment for chemical reactions to take place in is fundamental to the production of pure products that we rely on every day. The so-called […]

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Vacuum Gauge Calibration: Accuracy you can trust

All members of the scientific and engineering community require reliable data and results in order to provide excellent quality products and services. The Vacuum industry is no exception. Maintaining a high level of quality, accuracy and precision in the measurements made in vacuum technology is pivotal to providing a trusted service. Calibration is key to […]

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How to achieve and maintain UHV and XHV levels

Spectroscopy require pressures between 10-6 and 10-9 mbar defined as Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) to operate effectively. Another process which requires this vacuum level is Atomic Layer Deposition. For particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider certain parts of the system demand even lower pressures between 10-9 and 10-12 mbar designated as Extreme High Vacuum (XHV).

To achieve such […]

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5 Vacuum Pump Maintenance Tips to Optimise Productivity

There’s currently a wide variety of rough vacuum pumps available to suit a variety of applications. For decades, oil-sealed pumps were considered the go-to workhorse and continue to dominate in most markets, but more and more applications are recognising the benefits of dry vacuum pumps in both cost of ownership and performance.

Dry compression vacuum pumps […]

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Change Your Vacuum Pump Oil?

When functioning correctly, vacuum pumps can greatly enhance the consistency and efficiency of manufacturing machinery. To do so, however, these pumps must be regularly maintained. Part of that maintenance includes changing the oil.

Why You Should Change the Oil

Oil-sealed vacuum pumps in the industry utilize the oil to move air, liquid, and process by-products and the […]

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Vaccine manufacturing made possible by vacuum

Vacuum freeze-drying offers long-term bulk storage before transfer to dispensing vials. Production of vials is dependent on a vacuum for air removal in the melting process, and additionally, the vacuum is key to […]

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How Vacuum Enables the Future of Quantum Computing

The 21st Century is now being dubbed the Quantum Age. Whether it be through financial modelling, cyber-security, drug modelling or artificial intelligence, the benefits of quantum computing are already being realised.

The qubits in quantum computers can dramatically outperform classical techniques by combining states of 1 and 0, rather than existing as one or the other, […]

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Leybold designs new TURBOVAC iR model series for R&D, medical and industrial applications

Robust, individual, clean, service-friendly:   With the TURBOVAC iR variants, vacuum manufacturer Leybold is launching a new, complete turbomolecular pump series, technologically derived from the proven TURBOVAC i family. “The iR models replace the former TURBOVAC ClassicLine […]

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