As we celebrate 20 years in business, we are more acutely aware than ever of the changing business landscape in which we operate and the ever-evolving needs of our valued customers.  ProVac has become a trusted pioneer in the vacuum industry, designing custom systems and supporting many of the world’s best known companies by strengthening their diverse applications with the one essential ingredient that is vacuum.

ProVac’s core business involves the sales and service of vacuum pumps and related equipment, but  the company is differentiated in the market by its capability to design customised solutions for clients in performance-critical process industries such as pharmaceutical, medical devices, coating, semiconductor and third level research institutes and universities.

From concept to design, manufacture and installation, ProVac can provide tailor-made vacuum systems to meet your specific requirements. We will help you convert your project idea into an actual design and solution, from simple component assembly to complex hardware and software integration, all led by our expert in –house vacuum team.

ProVac provide high quality, customised vacuum chambers designed to meet your individual requirements. Our vacuum chambers are manufactured to the highest UHV specification, achieving vacuum in

ProVac provide a wide own-brand range of KF, ISO and CF stainless steel fittings and feedthroughs. Manufactured from high class materials, our fittings are highly reliable, widely used and available to purchase online. Bespoke fittings can also be custom made to any specification.

ProVac technicians provide a comprehensive range of vacuum pump repair and maintenance services from in-house and on-site vacuum pump support to Helium leak detector repair and vacuum gauge calibration.  All makes and models are catered for with full traceability in accordance to Quality Management System EN:ISO9001:2015

Provac provides a bespoke Helium leak detection service to a diverse range of applications from power plants to medical devices.  Our technicians will identify the most minute vacuum leaks using sophisticated Helium leak detectors in sniff or vacuum mode thus enabling our customers to address the leaks and avoid expensive downtime.

ProVac provide factory and independent DKD calibration, carried out at Leybold Vacuum headquarters in Cologne, Germany. We also provide in-house calibration confirmation and quality inspection certification for all types of vacuum gauges including Penning, Pirani and Ion gauges.

ProVac offer training courses in all aspects of vacuum technology, leak detection and leak testing tailor-made courses to meet the specific training requirements of our customers. We provide theoretical and practical knowledge transfer by qualified training personnel with certificates of successful course completion.

ProVac are the exclusive Irish distributor for the market leader Leybold GmbH, the oldest vacuum company in the world, working closely with the sales, maintenance and calibration departments in Cologne Germany to bring the highest level of service to their Irish customer base.


For more information or to request a quote, please call us on +353 53 914 6708 or email info@provac.ie.