At ProVac, we recommend regular calibration of vacuum gauges to ensure optimal performance of your vacuum equipment.

ProVac are fully equipped to calibrate all types of vacuum gauges, traceable to international standards.

Three types of calibration are offered: QIC, Factory and DKD.

Our in-house laboratory in the ProVac Service Centre enables us to issue ProVac Quality Inspection Calibration Certificates on all types of vacuum gauges, including Penning, Pirani and Ion gauges. ProVac calibration services meet all ISO 9001 requirements.

ProVac facilitates factory and independent DKD calibration, carried at Leybold Vacuum headquarters in Cologne, Germany. Leybold provide calibration of vacuum gauges in the pressure range from 10-9 to 1000 mbar (10-9 to 750 Torr) as DKD or factory calibration.

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