In addition to sales of Helium Leak Detectors, ProVac offer emergency call out and scheduled helium leak checking services throughout Ireland or in-house at the ProVac Service Centre in Wexford. We are well versed in many vacuum based processes such as furnaces, lyophilizers, plasma, autoclaves and all deposition coaters.

ProVac’s on-site helium leak checking is available in vacuum or sniff mode. This service includes the hire of helium leak detection equipment, supply of helium and an expert engineer on site to any location in Ireland. We recommend helium leak checking as an important part of your preventative maintenance schedule or in the event of an unexpected production failure, as leaks can be a cause of expensive equipment downtime and dangerous emissions.

ProVac carry out onsite helium leak detection to troubleshoot customers’ systems. A Leybold helium leak detector is used to locate and measure the size of leaks into or out of a system or containing device.  Leak detection of production components and one off parts can also be offered in in-house or on-site at our Wexford Service Centre.

Whether a component or a system is leak-tight depends on the application it is to be used in and the leak rate that is acceptable.  Absolutely leak-tight components and systems do not exist. A component is considered technically leak-tight if its leak rate remains below a value defined for this particular component.  A major advantage of helium leak detection is that leaks are detected and quantified, making it possible to monitor them over a period of time to determine any deterioration of the joint.

Helium leak detection is extremely accurate, quantitative and repeatable.

Helium is an ideal test gas for leak detection purposes because of its positive features:

  • Excellent separation within a mass spectrometer from neighbouring masses
  • Only 5 ppm are contained in the air, i.e. a very low background
  • Smallest gas particle other than hydrogen (which is not inert)
  • Inert, i.e. does not react with other substances
  • Environmentally friendly: non-toxic, non-combustible, non-explosive
  • Non-condensable within the entire range of technical applications
  • Lighter than air, i.e. it aids leak testing, as the test gas may escape upwards
  • Inexpensive

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