Product Description

Plug-and-play high vacuum pump systems based on well-proven components. Different configurations cover individual vacuum demands.

Your Expectations:

  • High vacuum pump systems for industry and research
  • Oil-sealed or dry compressing forevacuum pumps for a hydro-carbon-free vacuum possible
  • Compact and user-friendly solution

Our Solution:

  • Pumping speed 78 – 400 l/s provided by the TURBOVAC i pump range
  • Ultimate vacuum down to 10-10 mbar
  • Completely preassembled units with turbomolecular pump, TPU display power unit, frequency converter and forevacuum pump
  • Easy to relocate pumps out and away from the frame
  • Backlight display in the innovative TPU power unit
  • Covering a wide range of applications with a full range of high vacuum and dry or wet forevacuum pumps
  • Integrated data logger and webserver for system control, monitoring and configuration
  • Connection of up to six accessories and two gauges
  • Benchmark design, reliability and functionality