Product Description


Provac provide a range of internal and external connectors for the current range of ceramic and octal base feedthroughs.  All connectors have a unique fitting orientation to prevent incorrect wiring connections.  All external connectors are bakeable to 250C and all internal connectors are bakeable to 150C maximum
Order CodeCrimp Sockets (No. x IDmm)

Current (Amps)

Voltage (kV)Internal / ExternalTo Fit Feedthrough
P-VC12E10×1.053External  SFT12C 
P-VC12111×1.053Internal SFT12C
P-VC8E8×2.331ExternalOBFG, OBFM 
P-VC8I8×2.331Internal OBFG, OBFM
P-VC10E10×1.053External SFT10C
P-VC10I9×1.053Internal SFT10C

† Note: Central pin requires separate flying lead (connector supplied)   

Dimensions to the nearest mm for guidance only